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Project for a new Fair Complex beside the Palma Airport. Preliminary design

Architects: Victoria Acebo & Angel Alonso

col: Asa Nakano + Gonzalo del Val

F1 copia.jpg

The complex should be built beside the parking store of Son Sant Joan Airport, taking advantage of the synergy between both of them

Parking spaces are assigned by airport authorities for fair purposes, so 4th floor of park building should be kind of a previous platform where public and traders meet before the visit. From there, a bridge connects with the complex terrace where open air activities can be displayed.

Access to main floor start from the roof going down a huge ramp that connects with, and there reception areas are disposed. 

Exhibition areas are based on ground floor, to make truck managing easier. Visitors arrive from main floor surrounding the exhibition areas walking along low slope ramps, taking an overall first preview of the fair.

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