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Time Capsule

Competition to refurbish El Capricho Park & Palace

Architects: Victoria Acebo & Angel Alonso

El Capricho Palace's stairs. Photo: aceboXalonso


Unveiling the ruin.

Decadence is inherent to all material or body. However, we seldom stop to reflect on this process of corruption or inevitable decomposition: we act automatically, doing everything possible to avoid it by selecting materials, systems and surgeries that better resist time and nature, rebelling in this way to the entropy and dialogue with antiquity. With our lack of sensitivity, we fix in an irreversible way a perverse relationship between body and time.
That is why, faced with the question of whether it is necessary to recover the lost time on the body that we observe, our project adopts the attitude of preserving a moment, that of July 2016, as a valuable state whose presence seems necessary to us. In this way, in this state, with these scars, we find the protagonist.
Our actions, from now on, will not try to return a youth that no longer has, but dress it with the clothes of its new time.

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