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Pontejos 9 
Refurbishing an old building to six apartments and one shop
c/ Marqués Viudo de Pontejos 9, Madrid

COAM Architecture Award 2018
Interior Design FAD Award 2017
Shortlisted XIV Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial

Victoria Acebo & Ángel Alonso

Diego Hidalgo Demeusois

Project managing: Mariam Nieto & Javier Fernández
Structures: Alejandro Bernabéu,
Mechanicals: JG Ingenieros

Photos: Rafael Trapiello
2014 - 2017

We love to  watch at the marks of previous occupants in the houses we inhabit, and sometimes we leave some of them, as if remembering ... We assume that out of this morbid curiosity arose the idea that leads the last intervention on Pontejos 9: a building is a time capsule that encloses stories, memories, also information, and to act on it, re-inhabiting or rehabilitating, it is necessary to open that capsule.

FASE I_036.jpg

we wanted both to preserve its content and to add a new one. So, if we scratched a wall or lifted a carpet we would find something, we would stop to look at it. We can not explain exactly why some things interested us more than others. Many of the stuff we found in the building were vulgar and the old object itself did not impress us too much at first, being eccentric and not belonging to our culture.


...decided simply to be part of the flow that went through the history of the building and not deviate too much the trajectory of its trip in time: we prescribe reset itscomfort level, chiropractic its tired skeleton, rescue symmetries and axes, invoke ghosts and add some sexy complement accordingly with the contemporary.


Numerical control robots pantographed the Autocad drawings that reproduce doors that did not survive time. The decorative patterns were digitized and recorded on new materials. Doorknobs have been copied and remelted in brass in new RTV silicone molds. In those elements that have had to break or that simply were not there have been tattooed their presences in the form of ghost drawings.

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FASE IV_74.jpg
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