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Competition for a new social space in Reinosa

Architects: Victoria Acebo & Angel Alonso

"Religious, economic societies, families, groups of friends, acquaintances, and even ephemeral meetings in a room, in a concert hall, in the street ... all immobilize time in their own way, or deposit in their members the illusion that for at least some time, in a world that changes without ceasing, some areas have acquired a relative stability and balance, and in them nothing basic has been transformed during a period of time. "


Maurice Halbwachs.

We carefully enter into a abandoned garden, grown up from the ashes of a previous fire

Alzado quemado copy copy.jpg

South Elevation after the fire. 1882 - 2012.

Ancient walls will be kept as they are, garden will be taken care by the elder people from the village

an indeterminate space is released between the old and the new

and fires will light up the winter nights

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